Saturday, June 16, 2012

Revenge of the Sippy Cup!

My kids wanted daddy's "spicy juice" (Sprite) so I thought I'd put it in their sippy cups, not realizing that the carbonation creates a funny reaction in this type of pressurized cup thanks to the stopper. The kids figured it out and soon were squirting soda all over the counter and floor and laughing...then Cooper learned a lesson (12 second mark)...I'm contemplating submitting to America's Funniest Home would be fun if this went viral...feel free to share with your friends:
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Monday, January 09, 2012

New Year/New Projects

Here we are, 2012 and we're off and rolling.  Lots of changes coming up this year (FYI: that's not a baby announcement, unless you know something that we don't).  There's a nervous excitement in the air at our house at what the year will bring.  Andi is working hard with her doTerra business and loves sharing the essential oils with people.  She is busy as you could expect trying to keep up with our almost 2 year olds (next week!) and get everything done that she needs to during the day. 


Curtis and his friends just launched a new political social networking website and they excited to see what it grows into. It has been two years since they started formulating the site and they are ready to move it forward. 

He is also excited to finally finish his Fraud Examiner certification.

Cooper and Kennedy are as happy as can be (most of the time) and have flirted with the idea of starting their "terrible two's" a little early.  You can't help but smile and laugh sometimes even when they are stinkers.

Here are few pictures of these two crazy kids. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

December for the Thompsons

 Look at my cute little towns people:)

December was a joy for us.  It started out with the live nativity that our friend’s parents started years ago.  It’s more like a play to music.  No one has speaking parts, but you go on and off stage depending on the role you play.  We were towns people.  We went on and paid our taxes and sat in front of the inn.  Cooper and Kennedy were fascinated with the lights and the donkeys.  They kept saying “Yook! Yites!” (look! lights!) and “it’s a donkey.”  Maybe they’ll add those speaking parts to the nativity next yearJ

We had to put the presents under the tree away until the big day because the kids were having a hard time leaving them alone.  Kennedy tried to use one as a stool and fell off.  While I was consoling her I heard a ripping sound and then Cooper exclaimed “it’s a toy!!!”  He was so happy.  It broke my heart that we had to put it away. 

Christmas was awesome.  Kennedy was more fascinated with unwrapping presents than anything else.  Before she could even see what it was she was running back to the tree saying “again, again.”  Cooper got frustrated with the wrapping and didn’t mind when Kennedy helped.  It's all so much more fun with little ones.         

Sunday, October 30, 2011

 At the train park in Scottsdale with the Endlsey'st
 The kids didn't have the best time on the carosel
 Thing 1
 Thing 2
Our Tron costumes.
 They looked much better in the dark
 And our friends...just a couple of big boobs...

Friday, October 28, 2011


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have the best husband in the world.  Yesterday was my birthday and he got me a new laptop.  I am feeling that this will really help with my blogging efforts.  Thank you husband.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of Florida above.


At the end of September, our little family went to visit my Aunt and cousin in Florida.  It was great to be able to wear shorts again, play on the beach, and visit with some people we love.  It really was an adventure. 
We went to this super fun park.  This is Curtis with all the kids:)

The plane ride really wasn't so bad.  All you need is a cookie right?

Aunt Noni and Uncle Jim took us to the Alligator Farm.  How cool is that !  We got super close, even pet a baby alligator.  Cooper threw his binkie into one of the alligator pits.  It got gobbled up pretty quick.  He kept on saying "Dee dee go bye bye."  Even a few weeks after we asked them what alligators say.  Kennedy chomped her teeth, Cooper said "dee dee go bye bye."

 Down by the river, this really was a sign that said be ware of alligators.  I'm smiling, but really I was scared to death.  The funny thing is it was right by a canoo ramp built by a kid for his eagle scout project.

 Here is a video of a baby aligaor in the river by the restaurant we ate at. He really was just a couple feet away from us, swimming around. AHHHH!


A Healer in Every Home

This is not a business blog so I’ve been hesitant to make a post on the subject, but many of you know what a part of my life essential oils have become over the past year. I feel like I should share my story so that casual references to doTERRA won’t leave any readers confused. In October of last year, I was searching for a more natural way to take care of my family’s health. It seemed like Cooper was always getting sick and I just didn’t think it was acceptable to be giving him drugs with such harsh side effects. My sister, Kelli, told me I might want to check out essential oils and that her friends mom would be happy to teach us about them. We went to her house very skeptical of what it was that she could share with us. The more she talked, the more I felt that this was the answer I was looking for. They were natural, they were safe for babies, 50-70 times more powerful and potent than herbs, they work FAST, many of them smell great, they work for bacterial and viral infections, they can help with headaches or stomachaches, there was a starter kit called the Family Physician Kit where I could get started and have what I need on hand for only $150, and above all they went through rigorous testing to ensure purity and potence. It really answered all of my questions. This past year has been a process and a journey. I have bought into the mission of one of my mentors Laura Jacobs “A Healer in Every Home.” I feel it is important for us to be able to take care of our own families. I now have the confidence that I can take care of my family and resources to go to when I don’t have the answer. I feel so blessed to have found doTERRA that I can’t keep it inside of me. I truly do believe that I have something that WILL bless your life if you will give it a chance.

If you want more information go here:

Or contact me at:
(435-) 531-1291

Summer of Weddings

I had 3 step sisters get married this summer: on in July, one in August, and one in September. We put a lot of miles on the car, but somehow managed to come home with only a few pictures. All the weddings were fun and beautiful, but here's what we captured from Chelsea's wedding. We couldnt' resist the awesome brick wall.  Sure do love you girls.

I ran my first marathon...

On September 17th, 20011 I ran the Top of Utah Marathon. I didn't have my camera so I'll have to get pictures later, but here are my thoughts....

There was a time when I emphatically said: "I will never run a marathon, that's just too far." Having now completed one and feeling really good about it I emphatically state: "Your mind and body will do anything you train them to do and with ease." A few months before the race, I researched some training schedules and put them together to fit my personal schedule and what seemed right for me. I stuck to this almost exactly. The longest training run I ran was 18 miles and it was hard. The next week I 14 and it was just as hard. I started to realize on an even deeper level how much control I allow my mind to have on my physical limitations.

As the race got closer, I started to wonder if I'd done enough to prepare. As the doubt crept in I forced myself to acknowledge that I had followed my training program so that had to be good enough. I started the race with my dad and my running buddy Shanalee and was prepared for a good time.

What I wasn't prepared for was the rain. As my dad put it "it was raining Buicks!" Even though it was cold and wet and if it had been any regular run I would have called it quits in the name of sanity...I finished it and in 2 minuets better than my goal time of 5 hours. The conclusion: the rain and the thunder was exactly what I needed and it couldn't have been more perfect.

As a recreational therapist or maybe just as a human being, I can't help but relate my marathon experience to life. There are things that seem larger than life to me right now like writing a book, earning a million dollars, reaching millions with a message, and the list could go on and on. There are people who I see as larger than life who are doing these things. The question is "what is keeping ME from doing these things." I've got a song inside of me that I want to sing. Just like with the marathon, if I train my mind and body (and this happens one baby step at a time) I can do whatever I want to do. Here are some of my thought: start a heath blog, write a book, write a cookbook focusing on real family meals that are healthy, contribute to the mission of Laura Jacobs "a healer in every home" by educating moms on how to take care of their families naturally, earn enough money to give in a significant way.
If you've actually found this post and are still reading it, then this is probably a message for you too. What are some of your dreams?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My how they grow...

I don't believe very many people check this anymore because of how often we post, but I stumbled upon these pictures today and thought I would share. Most of these were taken in the hospital. They really were so small. I know they won't stay small, but I hope they stay close.
Look at how TINY he was!

And look at how BIG I was!